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About Roots Run Deep

Hello Friends!

Let me introduce myself… My name is Mackenzie Kimbro and I am the owner/founder of Cola Blanca Productions, LLC and Roots Run Deep, a multifaceted brand showcasing shades of our southwestern lifestyle on the ranch, plus fashion and cooking! A little backstory on me, essentially breaking down what you already know about me from my homepage or blog… I am a sixth-generation cattle rancher in southeast Arizona, right on the Mexican border, ranching alongside my mother and grandfather on our ranches. Our family arrived in the area way back in 1896, which means we have been rooted here for over 120 years. Traditions and heritage are of top importance to me, as you will notice throughout all that I do.

About the Book

In 2014, I authored a coffee table cookbook titled, “Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition.” This book is a tribute to my late Grandma Wendy, who was our rock and the hub around which everyone whirled. My goal in creating this book was to offer a glimpse into the wide variety of facets our lifestyle here entails, from ranching to lion hunting, collaborative conservation efforts, family ties, cowboy culture and of course good food! Good food is a unifying thread which runs through all of our lives. Being able to sit down around a big table with family and friends affords us all the opportunity to share countless laughs over unforgettable memories, while enjoying dished that are just as nostalgic and exciting. In “Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition,” we have compiled recipes that are tried and true favorites of our family and neighbors. Whether you want to whip up a quick beef dish for dinner or craft a good old-fashioned pear pie to have as dessert (or with breakfast the next morning, which we totally recommend!), this book has got it all. Inside you will get a taste of our lives on the ranch, see photographs of what we hold near and dear to our hearts, and have the recipes for the food that gets us there. We hope that you will see the beauty of it all, and try out all of the delectable recipes for yourself! Down here we like to think of it this way: Ranch, Rope, Ride... Live, Love, Laugh... They are one in the same!

About the Blog

Some turquoise and fringe and lots of denim have built this cowgirl's lifestyle, as I am also a fashion and lifestyle influencer/blogger with an emphasis on the Western Industry. My book, blog & social media presence, along with various other endeavors, stem from a great passion for ranching, cooking, hunting, preserving the way of life we hold dear, embracing western heritage & the evolution of western fashion, photography, & living a wonderfully crazy life. Key features of the blog & Instagram influence have run into a newer side of the lifestyle, showcasing fashion & encompassing what it means to have "Grit, Glam & Grace" (a signature series I have developed). "Unique" is a word that could describe any facet of my life, including my sense of style... Mixing old with new, vintage & previously loved with current trends, classy with some sass for an original look that shows my personal spin on things. Add in some turquoise & silver, shades of the southwest & usually some touch of cowboy culture, & you've got the Roots Run Deep flair. I am proud to have created an individualized style, which is now inspiring other women (to the point of a new branch of helping to style women & revitalize their closets by revamping pieces they have with additions from trusted sources I have built relationships with).

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