Get to know Mackenzie Kimbro

Hello Friends!
For those who don’t know me, my name is Mackenzie Kimbro and I am the owner/founder of Cola Blanca Productions, LLC and Roots Run Deep, a multifaceted lifestyle brand that includes a blog, a cooking/lifestyle show on RFD-TV, and signature lines of unique merchandise.
A little backstory on me, essentially breaking down what you already know about me from my homepage or blog… 
I am a sixth-generation cattle rancher in southeast Arizona, right on the Mexican border, ranching alongside my mother and grandfather on two family ranches. Our family arrived in the area way back in 1896, which means we have been rooted here for over 120 years. Traditions and heritage are of top importance to me, as you will notice throughout all that I do.
In 2014, I authored a coffeetable cookbook titled, “Roots Run Deep: Our Ranching Tradition.” This book is a tribute to my late Grandma Wendy, who was our rock and the hub around which everyone whirled. My goal in creating this book was to offer a glimpse into the wide variety of facets our lifestyle here entails, from ranching to lion hunting, collaborative conservation efforts, family ties, cowboy culture and of course good food!
Some turquoise and fringe and lots of denim have built this cowgirl's lifestyle, as I am also a fashion and lifestyle blogger in the Western Industry. My book and blog, along with various other endeavors, stem from a great passion for ranching (and promoting the beef industry – most recently retiring from the National Beef Ambassador team), hunting, cooking, preserving the way of life I hold dear, showcasing western heritage and the evolution of western fashion, photography, and living a life full of adventure and never a dull moment.
Living a life full of adventure and never a dull moment… That phrase could not be truer to what we do here. Every day is different. One morning we may be working cattle and the next trailing a mountain lion, and the next cooking for and hosting a delegation of anywhere from 10-200 people in our Malpai Ranch house. So really, there never is a moment wasted and there is always something interesting going on! That concept, along with our rich family history and my goals to maintain our heritage, sparked an idea in me from a young age… I have always wanted to produce a cooking and lifestyle show that was all encompassing of our lifestyle, and I have been given the chance of a lifetime to make that happen this year. Thanks to Patrick Gottsch (owner/founder of RFD-TV and the Cowboy Channel) and a very good mutual friend, we have produced the first one-hour special of my new show, “Roots Run Deep,” for RFD-TV, with the idea that we will run with this as far as possible and create more episodes in the near future! I cannot even begin to contain my excitement or express my gratitude for this entire experience, so I will just say thank you to all who support me and here’s hoping everyone loves all that we are doing! 
I think I’ve touched on just about everything you might need to know about me at this point, but I promise there is plenty more to see! Keep up with my adventures by watching the show, reading my blog, tabbing through this website and following me on Instagram @kenziegk. 
Here’s to good rains, great friends and healthy cattle,
A running joke among ranch families is that the kids learn to ride before they can walk, and that's not far off! I have been in the saddle from a very young age. Pictured above, me at a seasoned 3 years old!